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Affiliate Marketing Experts

NetBooster Affiliate is located in Aarhus, the ‘City of Smiles’, and is part of the global NetBooster Group which has approximately 600 employees in over 20 countries. NetBooster Affiliate specializes in affiliate marketing and email marketing, where we have been active since 2002. We have activities throughout the Nordic region: Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

“NetBooster Affiliate has several years’ experience in affiliate marketing and we generate qualitative lead which means that you will get the most out of your affiliate traffic”

Success is based on close cooperation with all our partners, particularly high service levels, a brilliant technical affiliate platform which is developed in-house and an attractive, exclusive portfolio of campaigns.

Affiliate Marketing – focus on quality and optimization

At NetBooster Affiliate we know that quality scores higher than quantity. It is important that our partners are shown to be at the top of the chain. Advertisers’ needs are respected and we focus continuously on the optimization of the campaign in hand. Furthermore, we place emphasis on personal contact with the aim of creating close relations with all our partners. Availability and tailored advice are top priorities. Access to our technical finesse, our exclusive campaigns and high service levels are naturally a blessing when you work with NetBooster Affiliate, whether as a media agency, advertiser or publisher.

Our affiliate network today includes a long list of affiliate advertisers, affiliate media agencies and affiliatepublishers, naturally, we always welcome new partners and are open to emerging trends.

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