Trade association FDIN – cofounded by NetBooster Affiliate


Trade association FDIN

Foreningen af Danske Internet-Netværk

Foreningen af Danske Internet-Netværk

FDIN stands for Foreningen af Danske Internet-Netværk (The Association of Danish Internet Networks). The trade association was founded by six advertising networks with a view to creating cohesive performance-based marketing. FDIN aims to unite members of the sector to raise the standards of online marketing by promoting good business practices, increased transparency and uniformity and by setting more stringent requirements for network partners.

As a co-founder of the trade association FDIN, NetBooster Affiliate is part of a revolutionary movement within the affiliate marketing sector. It is NetBooster Affiliate’s intention to transmit some of the spirit of our company – especially our commitment to high quality and adherence to marketing legislation – to the rest of the sector. Spreading the word is best done as one of a group: we value the cooperation with our FDIN colleagues and look forward to the positive developments that are in store for the sector.

The trade association wishes to promote performance-based marketing by increasing the focus on both the consumer and the advertiser experience, thereby creating a sector characterized by transparency and high quality. FDIN’S overall goals are:

  • • to promote performance-based marketing
  • • to strengthen cooperation within the sector
  • • to improve the competitiveness of the sector in relation to other marketing providers
  • • to grow and develop the sector
  • • to create cross-border collaborative opportunities within the sector

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The six co-founding affiliate networks of FDIN are:

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