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CPA|CPO | Cost per action | order

CPA|CPO | Cost per action|order

Cost per action | order

In a CPA or CPO campaign you pay for a specific action. The action could be the purchase of a specific product or an application for a loan. The campaign is built on a performance-based model whereby you pay only for each completed order, registration or sale.

Channels to generate traffic

  • • Email marketing
  • • Banner advertisements
  • • Comparison pages
  • • Landing pages

Typical advertisers

  • • Unemployment insurance funds
  • • Loan providers
  • • Telecommunications companies and operators
  • • Advertisers wishing to promote a competition or event
  • • Advertisers selling subscriptions

Quality control

  • • Fraud Meter: Fraud Meter is a certified Direct Track function whose purpose is to protect your network and advertisers from fraud such as clickbots. The Fraud Meter function allows us to automatically monitor specific data such as IP addresses, countries, statistics, addresses and domains. Fraud Meter sends us regular notifications on these data which are stored in the system. Information on potentially suspicious partners is shared across the 450 affiliate networks in the world. Fraud Meter thus allows us to keep an exact eye on and increase the quality of the traffic related to your campaign.

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