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Graphic design increase your conversion rate

Increase your conversion rate through a unique design

As an advertiser, you may decide to have your graphic material produced by NetBooster Affiliate. Our team of skilled graphic designers and technicians can attend to the professional output of banner packages, landing pages, websites, etc., guaranteeing an improvement in conversion rates from your campaigns. We implement the newest trends to make sure that we follow the development in affiliate marketing, and our technical knowledge, graphical skills and innovation are all factors that in the end create a great, converting campaign.

Banner packages

Our accomplished graphics team compiles the banner package for each campaign, using seven different sizes in jpeg, gif or flash format as best befits the campaign type and target country. The team has the linguistic skills to offer you translation and production of banner packages in all the Nordic languages.

Typical banner sizes:

• 125x125   • 400x400    • 728x90   • 468x60   • 300x250   • 140x350   • 160x600

Text link

We compile three or more text links for every campaign. At NetBooster Affiliate we know what works: our text links are scripted to deliver sales accordingly. Text links are typically the device used on a website: for a publisher to vary the means of expression on the page, where there is insufficient space for banners, or quite simply where a text link rather than a banner is the desired communication method. Text links are also effective in email mail shots.

Landing page

If required, NetBooster Affiliate can produce a landing page that will improve your campaign conversion rate through simple page design, often with a focus on a particular product. Our approach to landing pages, as a result of many years’ experience constructing pages, involves well-honed graphic and technical tactics. NetBooster Affiliate can also host your campaign, collecting, recording and validating order information. Advertisers can also perform these tasks themselves.

Campaign page

The development of specific campaign pages is also possible, if the product is suited to this type of project. Some products and services lend themselves to marketing under a campaign project typically consisting of 3-5 pages. NetBooster Affiliate can undertake the graphic design and technical production. Similarly, we can host the page and thus take responsibility for gathering and validating traffic information; or the advertiser can do this themselves.

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