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NetBooster Affiliate is a strong sparring partner for media agencies. Our many years of experience form a valuable basis for dialogue with agencies, during which our goal is to create results for advertisers. We accompany the campaign process from start to finish. NetBooster Affiliate has an eye for detail: there will be constant optimisation and, at the conclusion of the campaign, a summarising evaluation.

Service is tantamount at NetBooster Affiliate. Each agency is allocated to a primary contact person at NetBooster Affiliate whose particular insight into the advertiser will allow cultivation of the right conditions for skilled consultancy and sparring. Together we will create measurable, high calibre results for the advertiser.

NetBooster Affiliate a prioritises quality. We have devised a range of criteria that our publishers must fulfil and this ensures quality for media agencies and their advertisers. NetBooster Affiliate will also happily sign quality agreements with agencies to ensure agreement on the guidelines to be followed. As a co-founder of the FDIN sector association, NetBooster Affiliate works objectively to reinforce the seriousness of purpose and credibility of affiliate marketing. The objectives of FDIN are: “to create a cohesive sector and to raise the bar by promoting good business practices, increased transparency and uniformity and by setting more stringent requirements for partners.

NetBooster Affiliate values skilled creativity highly. It gets results! We love challenges and we believe that with our expertise, we can always put you in touch with an apt solution.

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