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New Era – New Name – New Website

After years of engagement, Guava has decided to take on its primary shareholder’s name and will henceforth be known as NetBooster. The Danish department which is a full service advertising agency takes the name Guava |NetBooster. The remaining Guava departments, in England and Sweden respectively, are also changing their names.

We believe this change indicates an even stronger cooperation with NetBooster which currently holds 90% of all Guava shares. NetBooster is a very strong company with more than 550 employees and 12 domiciles spread out across Europe. With this enhanced bond Guava |NetBooster becomes even more capable of handling international business for clients across borders and as such maintain a fully integrated communication in all of Europe.

Guava Media has been through a very positive development - something our French owners NetBooster has been very aware of. Because of this we have decided to seal our future operations with the new name, NetBooster Affiliate. Furthermore we hope that this new name will help stabilizing the affiliate business in general and fuel the NetBooster-corporation as a whole. In addition this sends a strong signal that the NetBooster Group has a great faith that affiliate is an important pillar in their future ways of running a business.

The company’s CEO Nils Carlsson says:

Guava DK has in their accounting maintained its positive development of both current and new fields of business – with the clients’ satisfaction as a powerful drive. The development in affiliate business has been exceedingly positive which resulted in a rise on market share, good revenue and satisfied partners.

To Advertisers & Media Agencies

This change in name will not interfere with any agreements you currently have with NetBooster Affiliate. Following is a login-site for each market.

All former links will be redirected to our new domain.

To our publishers:

This new name will have no consequences for the tracking/affiliate links you are currently using. We stay on the same tracking platform and everything will run as it previously has.

Login site:

Welcome to NetBooster Affiliate’s New Era, New Name and New Website!

Additional information about NetBooster

NetBooster was founded in 1998 and is a company of specialized digital marketing bureaus, working together to deliver innovative services in 24 countries around the globe. NetBooster, a pioneer in digital marketing, creates and develops its fan of online services such as Search Engine optimization, Pay-Per-Click marketing, Display marketing, Affiliate marketing, website development, Analytics consulting, Social media Marketing and Facebook Marketing services.

NetBooster headquarters are located in Paris, and have offices in Spain, Italy, Germany, Finland, China, Philippines and Brazil. NetBooster holds the majority of shares in NetBooster A/S, with a strong and growing presence in Denmark, Sweden and the UK.

NetBooster is a lead actor on the international scene and with a turnover exceeding 31 million euro in 2009, the company is very committed to growth and innovation. NetBooster’s success is further underlined by the financial results for 2010, which shows an increase in turnover of 45% to 45.1 million euro, and gross results have increased with 52% to 22.8 million euro.

NetBooster, led by Raphael Zier, bears the seal of approval OSEO-ANVAR which is an “Innovative company” and henceforth NetBooster shares are open for FCPI’s (French Mutual Funds). NetBooster is listed on Alternext Paris under NYSE Euronext.

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