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Affiliate email guidelines

To make sure that we deliver the best quality

Affiliate email guidelines – quality & succes

To ensure that we achieve the best quality in the exclusive campaigns which we represent through affiliate marketing, it is important that NetBooster Affiliate and our email publishers follow the affiliate email guidelines we have laid down in cooperation with the FDIN trade association, Foreningen af Danske Internet-Netværk (FDIN).

Affiliate email marketing has blossomed in recent years: at times publishers have not always followed marketing legislation. This is a very serious matter. Together we must continue the success of email and affiliate marketing and create even better results. This must go hand in hand with quality.

Sender’s address:

  • • The sender’s address shall be transparent and shall reflect the domain and its purpose. If the consumer has signed up for a newsletter from, e.g. the domain, the sender’s address shall be tilbudshjulet and may not be changed continuously hereafter.
  • • The sender’s address may not hide the commercial purpose using fictitious identities this includes personal names or addresses like: “Safe loan”, “Water & summer #443”, “Travel confirmation”, “Bank notification” etc.
  • • It is not permitted to let the email appear to be a reply mail, i.e. by inserting “SV” or “RE” in the subject line.
  • • An email distribution may not appear to be sent directly from the advertiser, e.g. do not use brand name in the subject line
  • • It shall be easy to get in contact with the sender of the email.

Newsletter cancellation

It shall at all times be easy to cancel a subscription to an email or a newsletter and be in accordance with Section 6, subsection 5 of the Danish Marketing Practices Act.


  • a)Messages may not contain expressions similar to: “You are the winner of…”, “Your ticket #45678 has been drawn”.
  • b)Misleading and/or tempting methods may not be used, for instance:
  • • Subject line: Cancellation of your loans
  • • Subject line: Problems regarding delivery of Coca Cola to your address
  • • Subject line: Delivery of tickets for Grøn Koncert
  • • Subject line: REMINDER 2 Collection of open tickets from Copenhagen to Paris
  • • Subject line: Cancellation of consumer loan #4332 before 31 May
  • • “Congratulations, you are the winner”
  • • “Please confirm your name”
  • • “Your name has been drawn”
  • • “We need your personal information for delivery of the prize”
  • • “Click here to collect your prize”


The language in the country concerned must be correct. Do not use Google translate or anything similar. We will of course be happy to help you with any kind of translation


You must abide by the legislation in the all of the countries We will be happy to continue being your business partner and we will always help you with good email texts, translation etc.

See the affiliate email guidelines step-by-step here:

Denmark (PDF)   Sweden (PDF)   Norway (PDF)   Finland (PDF)    England (PDF)

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