High Quality Leads - See video case

Case: ABS Alarm


ABS Alarm wanted to expand their business, but finding new customers is not an easy task. Furthermore it is important to collect leads of high quality.


NetBooster helped ABS Alarm to launch a lead campaign online. The collected leads were sent to a telemarketing agency. A TM campaign helps the customer to keep their costs down. The landing page was designed specific for potential ABS Alarm customers and the landing page included a competition with the purpose of attracting even more customers. The prize was 12 months of free subscription to ABS Alarm’s system.
Besides the landing page and competition we added a delivery channel consisting of a question frame in our own surveys to increase the volume even more. Interested potential customers filled out questions about ABS Alarm and agreed to be contacted by the telemarketing agency.


Through NetBooster’s surveys and with strategically placed online banners with the right message we generated a lot of traffic to the brand specific landing page and we generated new relevant and qualitative leads for the telemarketing agency.
During a period of 6 months, the campaign generated more than 1800 new customer leads. More than 22% of the leads were converted into new customers for ABS Alarm and even more showed interest for the company.

Find a presentation of the case in the video above.

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